Participation of ABEJA’s President at the Network Society Lecture

Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming ABEJA’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yosuke Okada, for a special participation in our “Network Society” lecture.

“Change the world through innovation” was the core message he transmitted with a strong belief to our students. Also encouraged our students to keep on giving their best in their studies by showing us the latests and most innovative services using Information Technology.

The second half of the lecture, we had the pleasure of having Miss Shiomi Naito from GSTYLUS talk about the evaluation process and reverse-interview process between business and students. She showed the students an remarkable strategy to face the difficult process of job-hunting.

All those students looking forward to the job-hunting process found her lecture to be a fascinating one.

– Yosuke OKADA, President & Chief Executive Officer, ABEJA.