Nov 14

On November 12th 2016, the 7th seminar of the Chubu division of The Society of Socio-Informatics was held in Nagoya University. Our B4 members Mr. Nonaka and Mr. Matsui presented their research.

Kanki NONAKA “Proposal for a Commentary Method of Actual Exhibition in Science Museum using Transmission Screen”

Ken MATSUI “Planning and development of web aplication utilizing Opendata for the improvement of disaster prevention awareness”

Nov 7

On November 5th 2016, the seminar of the Japan Information-Culturology Society was held in the Sanjo conference hall of the University of Tokyo .

Our M2 members Mr. Hattori and Mr. Takahashi presented their research.

Tomoya TAKAHASHI 「Construction and Evaluation of Information Sharing Environment Using Cloud Storage Service for Community Welfare Activities」

Hiroaki HATTORI 「Design and Construction of Framework for Open Data with Beacon in Local Government」

Nov 4

On November 3rd 2016, the 17th 『歩こう!文化のみち』 (Arukou! Bunka no michi – Let’s walk! Path of culture) event was held in the Higashi district of Nagoya City.

『歩こう!文化のみち』 is an event created with the objective of giving citizens a chance to walk around their city and get to know it better from a cultural point of view.

Every year, there are various experiments and experiences using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) which the attendees to the event can enjoy and experience. This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Transportation Bureau of Nagoya City to try our Open Data powered application 「歩こう!ガイド」 (Arukou! Gaido – Let’s walk! Guide), as well as taking the opportunity to generate Open Data pictures.

It was a great experience for our laboratory members, and we would like to thank everyone who attended and supported the event.

DSC_0486 DSC_0509

Oct 28
Welcome party for our new B3 members!
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We had a welcome party for the new members of our laboratory starting this semester.

Four students from B3 joined our laboratory, two students who came back from studying abroad, and one new exchange student, for a total of 7 new laboratory members.

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Sep 24

On September 24th 2016, the 6th seminar of the Chubu division of the Japan Information-Culturology Society was held in Nagoya University.

Our B3 member Mr. Uchida and M2 member Mr. Yamamori presented their research.

Yuji UCHIDA『動物園における BLE ビーコンを用いた人流解析アプリケーションの提案』


Koji YAMAMORI『スマートデバイスを用いた農作物の収穫量記録に関する提案と試行』



Sep 23
Laboratory Trip 2016 – Ise and Toba
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On September 19th and 20th, 16 of our Yasuda-Endo Laboratory members joined the 2016 Laboratory trip.

There was a change of plans for our second day due to the weather conditions, but nonetheless, we were able to fully enjoy activities such as BBQ, visiting the Aquarium, experiencing artisanal pottery making, among other activities.

It was an excellent opportunity to strengthen our bonds as laboratory members, and further stimulate our desire to continue doing research.

Sep 12

The 2016 Meeting of the Society of Socio-Informatics was held in Sapporo Gakuin University.

Professor Endo, our D3 member Miss Fukuyasu and our M2 member Mr. Ogishima presented their research.


Sep 10

The paper submitted by our M2 member Mr. Kazuma OGISHIMA received the 2016 Encouragement Award Honorable mention prize from the Society of Socio-Informatics

Congratulations, Mr. Ogishima!

14225357_1153904597986372_4506962116854211731_n 14212730_1153904607986371_1076353808431798533_n

Aug 29

Our M2 member Mr. Tomoya TAKAHASHI presented his research and received the IEE ICCSE2016 Best Paper Award.

Congratulations, Mr. Takahashi!


Aug 18

Our M2 member Mr. Kazuma OGISHIMA presented his research at the 12th Meeting of the Society for Tourism Informatics, and received the Honorable Mention prize.

Congratulations, Mr. Ogishima!

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